Sync data between different devices


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Sugarsync is a quite attractive piece of software which allows you to have your data stored remotely and access them from any computer at any time.

When you sing up, you get 5 GB storage space and you can make it bigger by inviting other people to the service or paying for space.

SugarSync offers two synchronization methods: drag and dropping files into the magic case or adding folders from the program menu.

One of the most interesting options of SugarSync is the possibility of installing the program and sync files with portable computer, blackberry and smartphones.

If you are using a computer which hasn't SugarSync installed, don't worry, you'll be able to access data via web.

Finally, you can decide to share files with other users using the Share option. You can decide whether to hare one file, two or a whole folder. In addition, you can password protect files and mark files a only read ones.
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